Fisker's new model, set to debut at the NY International Auto Show ©Fisker

(Relaxnews) – Troubled green automaker Fisker has announced plans for a debut at next month’s New York International Auto Show (April 4-15)

The vehicle is believed to be the Fisker ‘Project Nina’, a proposed model which would be larger than its existing $107,000 Fisker Karma plugin but retail for a lower price point.

The first sketch revealed by the automaker shows a model which could boast the rumored four doors, with a swooping tail similar to that of the Karma and a low, sporty profile.

The model is said to be around the same size as the BMW 5-Series but should come with a price tag of less than half the Fisker Karma, if the rumors are to be believed — around the same price as the Tesla Model S.

Fisker has a lot riding on ‘Project Nina’, not least because it’s been funded in large part by the US government.

There have also been serious teething problems with the US launch of the Fisker Karma, including a battery recall and a highly-publicized incident in which a model purchased by Consumer Reports for a test broke down.

In a letter to owners issued March 13, Fisker boss Tom LaSorda said that the Karma involved in the incident ‘performed exactly as it was designed to perform’ after on-board diagnostics developed a fault.

He said that over 50 engineers had been designed to tackle customer problems such as the one faced by Consumer Reports, which had been widely reported on internet chat boards — the magazine has since analyzed other complaints on its website, noting that its car ‘isn’t trouble-free, even after the repairs’.