Video screenshot: Moses (Christian Bale) broods in "Exodus: Gods and Kings" ©20th Century Fox / YouTube LLC

Video screenshot: Moses (Christian Bale) broods in “Exodus: Gods and Kings”
©20th Century Fox / YouTube LLC

(Relaxnews) – A new trailer for “Exodus: Gods and Kings” sets up the sibling bond between Moses and Ramses, before two nations clash under a plague-filled sky.

Moses’ challenge — the granting of freedom to a country’s slavebound underclass — threatens to destabilize not only a nation’s economy and its cultural ambitions, but also his brother’s regal status as the ultimate authority, a veritable god among men.

But Moses believes the real God is an entirely more dangerous being, capable of turning the very earth against its human residents, and urges Ramses to relinquish control before it is taken from him.

Christian Bale stars as Moses, with Joel Edgerton opposite as step-brother and heir to the Egyptian throne Ramses in Ridley Scott’s biblical epic.

“Exodus: Gods and Kings” opens on December 12 in the USA, following earlier releases in Central and South America, South Korea, Hong Kong, South East Asia and parts of Eastern Europe in the preceeding week; France gets it on December 24, Brazil on December 25 and the UK on the 26th, with Australian domestic audiences privy from January 1.

“Exodus: Gods and Kings | Something Is Coming” trailer: