Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano (MNS photo)

MANILA, July 19 (Mabuhay) —  – Enrique Gil seems mighty proud of his girlfriend, actress Liza Soberano, for being vocal about various issues while also fighting for the things she thinks are right.

In an interview with Matteo Guidicelli for his Spotify podcast, Gil said he supports Soberano all the way but he is also there to remind her to take things slow sometimes.

“Sometimes, of course, it’s a little bit scary but I mean, my woman’s brave. She’s not a girl anymore, she’s a woman,” Gil said proudly.

While professing his support for Soberano “in everything,” Gil also said: “Of course, I give her advice to slow down and choose her fights.”

“The internet is not a place to be messing around sometimes because sometimes it gets a little bit stupid. But you know, that’s the only way to get to all those people also. We just want to make a change, make a better place,” he added.

Soberano, for her part, shared what her end goal for speaking her mind.

“Honestly, I have a lot of big dreams that don’t really seem like — I don’t really see them happening. But for some reason, I still want to work on them little by little. Just like speaking up on women’s rights or children’s rights or about certain things that I don’t agree with,” she said.

“I think it’s always great to start a conversation just so you can see different sides, different opinions that people have, and from there you work on it.”

Saying she has dreams of making the Philippines a better place, Soberano is hoping that by using her voice and platform, she can “influence people to be better people as well, make a change, start talking.”

Meanwhile, the Kapamilya couple also shared their future goals in the entertainment industry, especially after a year of just being in lockdown due to the pandemic.

“Of course, I still want to continue working in showbiz. But I don’t have specific goals I want to reach. I just want to do awesome projects that will bring out the passion and the fire in me to act. Of course, I want to try doing different genres because since 2013, I’ve been doing rom-com and drama. I want to try to explore doing other genres and hopefully work with new people,” Soberano said.

As for Gil, he simply wants to continue inspiring people.

“If I still do, then I’ll still continue inspiring people, try to make more movies for them, make them happy. Same thing with my business. I want to just help people,” he said. (MNS)

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