Derek Ramsay (MNS Photo)

Derek Ramsay (MNS Photo)

Among his former girlfriends, Derek Ramsay admitted that it was Solenn Heussaff who had the most impact on his life.

“We were similar in so many ways. We are both half-Filipino, half-European. We both love to travel. The factors that ended our relationship was majority of it was long distance and timing,” he said.

“My niece is named after her so that says it all. I’d have to say it would be her. I think she brought out the best in me during the time that we were together and she was supportive of everything that I did,” he added.

Ramsay clarified, however, that all his former girlfriend had an impact on him.

“It takes a lot for me to get into a relationship. In every relationship that I’ve had, I’ve had a lot of great memories. There were pains but the great memories outweigh. Don’t ever compare,” he said.

Aside from Heussaff, Ramsay also had relationships with Angelica Panganiban and Cristine Reyes.

Meanwhile, the actor said there was no one who he can consider “TOTGA” or “the one that got away.”

“Ang TOTGA para sa akin, you are still madly in love with that person and you didn’t try hard enough to make it work. For me, I tried hard in every relationship. I gave everything. You just have to learn to accept that it’s not going to work out between the two of you and that’s when you continue searching for that one,” he said.

Asked what he has become because of his former relationships, Ramsay said: “I’ve learned to look at my flaws more in the sense that in any relationship, communication is the most important thing. Something it’s not delivered right away. I’ve learned that I have to dig deeper.” (mns)