"Inactivité" by Benoit Malta ©Benoit Malta

“Inactivité” by Benoit Malta
©Benoit Malta

(Relaxnews) – We are constantly being told that inactivity is the disease of modern life, but one enterprising designer has come up with a furniture concept to discourage sedentary behavior.

French design graduate Benoît Malta has created a two-legged chair as part of his diploma project “Inactivité,” which requires the user to shift position in order to keep stable, encouraging the use of different muscle groups. The design of the beech chair also encourages an upright posture.

The project also includes a mirrored glass lamp with an elongated wooden horizontal handle that has to be adjusted periodically when the light switches itself off.

“The main idea of my project is to imagine new domestic activities in order to move more,” explains Malta.

“Conceiving spaces with this idea could propose another perception of our domestic space.”

He adds: “My will is to introduce a ‘bearable discomfort’ for our well-being.

“I decided to work on different typical situations at home in which it would be interesting to insert physical activity.

“The aim of the project, beyond the idea of promoting mobility, is to raise awareness of people about their bodies.”