MANILA, Nov 19 (Mabuhay) — “Maalala Mo Kaya” (MMK) host Charo Santos-Concio has started to dub her lines in English for the long-running ABS-CBN drama anthology, which will start airing in 41 African countries beginning in January 2023. 

Charo Santos-Concio (MNS photo)

“I’ve never imagined in my wildest dream that I’ll be dubbing in English for foreign audiences, especially at my age,” says Santos-Concio, who has been sharing real-life stories of letter-senders on the weekly show for over 30 years.

The “MMK” host and former president of ABS-CBN is also looking forward to dubbing in more languages to showcase the Filipino talent in storytelling and content.

“I hope I get more opportunities to dub in other languages, maybe one day I’ll be dubbing in French, German, or maybe Korean. I am excited to showcase to the foreign market the finest Filipino programs we have here,” she shared.

As ABS-CBN continues to bring world-class Filipino programs of all genres to foreign audiences, Santos believes that there are endless opportunities for its content to compete globally. 

“The stories we have will surely resonate with them as there are similarities in terms of experiences and values we share. It’s the same human conditions, same dreams and same aspirations, so our content is really able to touch the lives of other people,” she said.

The award-winning iconic program joins the long list of ABS-CBN shows that have been dubbed in different languages and currently seen in various countries all over the world.

It is also being streamed as an in-flight entertainment program for various international airlines including Etihad Airways, Royal Brunei Airlines, and Saudi Arabian Airlines. (MNS)