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SHOWBIZ Inside Report host Carmina Villaroel said over the weekend that she will wed her partner of 14 years, Zoren Legaspi, before end of this year.

The two are said to be planning a simple civil wedding with just their close friends and immediate family in attendance.

“I do not want a big wedding. We want it to be really simple with only our families in attendance,” Carmina said.

The TV host said that Zoren planned to propose to her earlier this year when they traveled to Japan with their twins, Cassandra and Maverick.

She said Zoren believed it was the right time to ask her hand for marriage as they were fulfilling her wishes to see cherry blossoms in person.

The actor-host went to a jewelry store in Japan to get his partner an engagement ring, but his plan was foiled when his credit card was not accepted by the store.

Carmina said Zoren wasn’t able to inform the credit card company that they’ll be leaving the country and a purchase might be made abroad.

The “Lorenzo’s time” star appreciated her partner’s effort to make the trip memorable.

She said despite the absence of marriage, she is very happy with her life with Zoren and their two kids.

“It’s not a typical relationship. Zoren is a perfect match for me because he understands me and let me be myself. I won’t be who I am today without him.”

The couple did not say when the marriage ceremonies will take place. (MNS)