Bugatti's Lifestyle Capsule Collection “Bugatti Legends” ©Bugatti

Bugatti’s Lifestyle Capsule Collection “Bugatti Legends”

(Relaxnews) – The Bugatti Legends Capsule Collection is as exclusive as the cars on which it is based. So much so that only 36 people in the world will ever get the chance to add a piece of it to their wardrobes.

A year ago, the German-owned hypercar company set out to create six limited edition Bugatti Veyrons. Each of the six models would be inspired by a person who was crucial to shaping the car company’s history; each car would have a €2.35 million price tag and each of the special models would be strictly limited to three examples.

And, despite the astronomical fee, every single model has sold out before its official launch, including the latest and final edition, the “Ettore Bugatti” Legend, which only made its debut at Pebble Beach in California on Sunday.

To celebrate this success and to make ownership of one of the cars even more special, Bugatti has created a line of his and hers clothing bespoke to each of the six special edition cars that will be offered exclusively to their owners.

“Authentic and with attention to detail, this Bugatti Legends capsule collection is one of the first tailor-made lifestyle projects the brand has dedicated to its customers,” explains Massimiliano Ferrari, Managing Director of Bugatti International and in charge of Brand Lifestyle.

And by authentic, that means that the jackets, t-shirts, belts, driving gloves and clutch purses that make up the collection have been made from the same buffalo, deer, calf and cordovan hide that adorn the cars’ interiors and feature the same production techniques.

So, for example, the matching outfits created for the Rebrant Bugatti Legend edition features a man’s or a woman’s jacket in colored calfskin with bronze galvanized metal parts while the silk lining has a herringbone carbon fiber effect print.

Although the initial collection will be offered exclusively to the 18 Bugatti Legends owners and their partners, this first capsule will also serve as a stylistic foundation on which the company hopes to create a full clothing range.