Boaters in Michigan can get their pizzas delivered right on the water. ©EpicStockMedia/

Boaters in Michigan can get their pizzas delivered right on the water.

(Relaxnews) – An enterprising restaurateur in Michigan is making life easy for summer boaters by offering a pizza delivery service on his jet ski, for boat-to-boat service.

Instead of docking at his eatery The Long Lake Grocery, boaters out on the water can simply pick up their smartphone, place their order, and wait for pizza delivery guy, store owner Nick Ferrugia, to don his lifejacket and swing by on his jet ski.

The idea came to Ferrugia after noticing a backlog of boats waiting to dock at his restaurant and pick up their food order, he told Up North Live.

So, he asked a friend to help him install a pizza holder that can hold six pies on the back of his jet ski and took to the water, delivering pizzas to hungry boaters.

In addition to boats, Ferrugia will also deliver to cottages and homes located along the shoreline.

There is a catch, however: Boaters have to meet Ferrugia in shallow waters as he has to be able to get off his jet ski and pull out the pizzas from the back of his ride.

Jet ski pizza delivery service is the latest in innovative food delivery programs. Last year, London joint Yo! Sushi launched an airborne iTray delivery service that delivered meals tableside via a flying tray, while Domino’s also test piloted a flying pizza delivery service on an unmanned drone.