Bella Padilla (MNS photo)

MANILA, Dec 21 (Mabuhay) — Bela Padilla clarified that the reason she moved to London was not solely to be near her boyfriend Norman Bay, who is actually from Switzerland.

In her latest vlog, Padilla explained that there were a number of reasons why she left the Philippines to live in the UK.

“I didn’t move just to be with Norman although it does make it so much easier to be in London. At least now we are quite close to each other and he’s here a lot. I go to Switzerland a lot. It’s definitely a big jump and a lot easier. But I did not move here specifically for that,” she said.

“There are many reasons why I moved here. One of them is because I feel like the world stopped during pandemic and I have been looking for something new to do in my life. I feel like at this point, I will be more productive here. It just makes more sense for me to live here.”

Padilla, 30, has family in the UK. Born Krista Elyse Sullivan, she is the daughter of Meg Carino of the Padilla showbiz clan and Cornelio Sullivan, who is British.

Addressing one of her followers’ questions if she plans to settle in London for good, Padilla said that is something she cannot really answer.

“I am a free spirit. I like traveling and going to different places. My mom is still based in the Philippines, my dad is in Thailand, Norman lives in Switzerland. I am currently here. There are so many places I could be. So I can’t say if I’m gonna settle here for good but it wouldn’t be a bad thing if I do,” she said.

For now, Padilla is happy and excited about figuring out her new life, saying she feels she had to grow up a bit even more after moving. (MNS)

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