BB Gandanghari (MNS photo)

BB Gandanghari (MNS photo)

MANILA  (Mabuhay) — Many admire BB Gandanghari for his slim physique, it is as such that, we eagerly asked him how he achieved it.

The transgender actor revealed that it took 10 years of hard work to achieve the look.

He described his weight loss regimen as an ordeal.

Despite the hardship, BB is keeping his focus, maintaining that it is all part of what he calls the “transitional stage.”

“I’m also taking estrogen to control my testosterone,” BB added.

BB is also excited about his new show on TV5, which will have him working with his siblings Robin and Rommel.

Dubbed “2 ½ Daddies,” the show started airing last Jan. 24 at 7 p.m.

“I remember when we were filming ‘Mistah,’ we were like kids playing with guns, shooting each other,” shared BB. “This is also how we are in ’2 ½ Daddies.’ What viewers will see in the sitcom is how we interact with each other in real life. Everything is natural so the comedy is natural. The situations are naturally funny.”

“2 ½ Daddies” is part of the beefed-up weekend primetime programming of TV5.

Debuting the same day as “2 ½ Daddies” is “Call Me Papa Jack,” a love-advice show hosted by popular radio DJ Papa Jack. (MNS)