On Summer 2012, AngLahiTM will be presenting “Rizal, atbp.TM” at three major cities in California. “Rizal, atbp.TM” is the story of Jose Rizal, the Philippine national hero, as seen through the self-realization of a young Filipino American, Joey, and set in music, dance and a display of the rich Filipino culture. The story aspires to not only depict the events in Rizal’s life, but also the influences that shaped him and the choices he made that defined his actions and his destiny. One of the first true global Filipinos, the depiction of his life takes us through his childhood – the early beginnings of his national pride, through his adult years in the Philippines and around the globe, his fruitful exile in Dapitan and also through his last few days which he valiantly embraced. To parallel Rizal’s impressive biography, we find Joey who struggles through his own identity as a Filipino growing up in America where the dilemma is whether to be homogenized into the American society of today, or to stand firm on the pride and legacy of his Philippine roots as he navigates his own life ahead. “Rizal, Atbp.” is not just a story, but a glimmer of hope for a brighter Filipino legacy.

AngLahiTM is a Filipino-American organization that is reaching out to the community by establishing our identity as a Filipino race outside of the Philippines. It aims to uplift and uphold the image of Filipinos both in and out of the country, and hopes to help our race to be a strong influence and inspiration to others. To connect this cause to a bigger picture, AngLahiTM envisions building an academy to produce the best of what Filipinos can offer to the world. To fund this project, proceeds of “Rizal, atbp.TM will go to this endeavor.

AngLahiTM also hopes to convey to Filipinos in America that serving this country well, even before the Philippines, is part of the identity that it strives to establish for Filipinos as a race. Filipinos must acknowledge and fully understand that they are bound to the citizenship they are born into or choose to adopt. To love America is not to forsake or betray the country of our ethnicity. Rather, it is a moral and legal responsibility to give back to a nation that has welcomed a race and has given it a chance to redeem itself. With this in mind, AngLahiTM is honored to retell the important story of Dr. Jose Rizal.

Show Schedule:

August 18 – San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts Theater

August 25 – San Diego KROC Theater

September 8 – Valley Performing Arts Theater

For more information, visit the AngLahiTM  website at www.rizalatbp.com.