Anne Curtis (MNS Photo)

Anne Curtis (MNS Photo)

“It’s Showtime” hosts Anne Curtis and Kim Atienza are the new “disaster ambassadors” of government weather monitoring arm DOST-Project NOAH.

In an Instagram post, the Kapamilya actress, one of the country’s most influential celebrities, said she and Atienza met with Project NOAH executive director Dr. Mahar Lagmay on Wednesday morning.

She went on to promote Project NOAH’s website,, and its apps for iOS and Android.

“Disaster preparedness is important in our country that gets hit several times during typhoon season,” she said.

Atienza, meanwhile, tweeted that he is honored to be one of the Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) first disaster ambassadors. He also said he, like Curtis, is happy to be on board Project NOAH.

Lagmay, likewise, thanked Curtis and Atienza for helping the Filipino people by spreading information about natural disasters and motivating them to be prepared against calamities.

According to Lagmay, they have not spoken about the duration of the two celebrities’ roles as disaster ambassadors. “[Weather] hazards will always be here. We can stop disasters from happening if we work together,” he said.

“They have a huge following, and are great at motivating other people to help,” Lagmay said.

He added that methods using science and technology, such as mobile apps and websites, are not enough to reach the Filipino populace. That is why they thought to approach ABS-CBN and enlist the help of Curtis and Atienza, as would be a good way to get information across.

Curtis and Atienza are both very active on social media and their combined online followers number in the millions. Recently, Curtis was also named among Time Magazine’s “50 Smartest Celebrities on Twitter.”

“By tweeting, they can raise awareness,” Lagmay said. “Hindi namin maabot ang majority… Hopefully the ambassadors may be able to do it, kahit para lang sabihing may paparating na bagyo. Awareness is the first step in preparedness.”

Curtis is known for her charitable works. Aside from campaigning for better education in the country, the actress has also contributed time and effort to various charitable organizations including ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, UNICEF and World Vision Philippines.

More known to viewers as “Kuya Kim,” Atienza also delivers the weather news on ABS-CBN’s flagship news broadcast “TV Patrol,” and hosts the educational science show “Matanglawin.”

DOST-Project NOAH makes use of technology to create flood maps and monitor weather conditions and other information related to disaster management. (MNS)