Andi Eigenmann  (MNS photo)

Andi Eigenmann (MNS photo)

Andi Eigenmann has just been put through the wringer with the most physically and emotionally draining role of a gang rape victim out to exact revenge on her assailants.

“Aside sa rape scenes ay may scenes din na hihilain ako ng kabayo,” she said of playing the titular character in “Angela Markado.” “Pero worth it naman kasi maganda ang kinalabasan and maganda ang message ng film.”

The character Andi plays was raped by those played by Epy Quizon, Paolo Contis, Felix Rocco, Polo Ravales and CJ Caparas. She ended up scratched and bruised from doing the scenes with them but she didn’t mind. “You will only learn from it, having the chance to work with them,” she said.

For the challenging role, Andi has had to tap her skills in martial arts, saying “marunong akong humawak ng kutsilyo and I used that in the film.”

The original version of “Angela Markado” was directed by Lino Brocka and topbilled by veteran actress Hilda Koronel, both awarded. Still, Andi didn’t allow such a pressure to get in the way of work.

“Alam ko naman po na hindi pwedeng ipagkumpara kasi magkaiba po kami ng atake sa role. Magkaiba director namin, ’yung panahon kasi kahit papaano modern na ang takbo ng kwento eh,” she said.

The actress said the film’s message is to raise awareness on rape, kidnapping and, perhaps, other heinous crimes “to prevent it and help the victims as well.”

Director Carlo J. Caparas has nothing but praise for Andi, even going on to say that for him, no other actress of her generation comes close to her.

“Si Andi ay hindi mareklamo at payag siya kaagad na gawin kasi alam niya na ikakaganda ng eksena,” he said. “Watching her acting prowess, she can deliver the kind of ‘Angela Markado’ in my imagination. A victim and most brutal woman to invade the screen…” (MNS)