Screenshot: "Americans Try Canadian Snacks For First Time" ©2014 YouTube, LLC

Screenshot: “Americans Try Canadian Snacks For First Time”
©2014 YouTube, LLC

(Relaxnews) – A Buzzfeed video of Americans reacting to Canadian snack foods has gone viral, with more than 1.2 million hits since being uploaded over the weekend, for introducing viewers to foods like nanaimo bars and poutine under a barrage of cheeky commentary.

It doesn’t start off well for the contingent of Canadian food representatives.

“I didn’t know Canada had a cuisine,” is the opening line of the two-minute video entitled “Americans try Canadian snacks for the first time.”

The video descriptor reads: “Food from our neighbors up north…how different can it be?”

Apparently, despite sharing the longest undefended border in the world, speaking the same language, and sharing credit for some of the world’s biggest celebrities (Jim Carrey, Rachel McAdams and Mike Myers are Canadian, despite the confusion), the culinary gap is large, judging by the reaction of the American taste testers.

The smack talk comes hard and fast for foods like Jos Louis — Canada’s answer to Ho Ho cakes — but softens for poutine (fries smothered in cheese curds and gravy) and maple syrup candies.

Here are a few of the best one-liners:

Of All Dressed potato chips, which puts flavors like barbecue, salt and vinegar, ketchup and sour cream and onion into one bag:
“Everyone thinks Canadians are bland. And you’ve just proven it with your chip game right now.”

Of nanaimo bars, a bar dessert layered with custard and chocolate:
“This sh** is so good. F***.”
“When you have free health care you can eat whatever you want.”

Of maple syrup candies (shaped like maple leafs):
“It instantly melts into amazing, creamy maple softness.”
“That is literally the sweetest thing I’ve ever eaten.”
“These are adorable.”

Of poutine:
“It has such a fancy name, for such a low-brow food.”
“This is like if God was a potato, this would be his diarrhea. This is brilliant.”

There was no harming of US-Canadian relations in the making of this video. Sort of. Kind of.

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