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(LOS ANGELES-Relaxnews) – The much-anticipated Amazing Spider-Man aims to end Madagascar 3‘s three-week reign at the box office, with its release in select international markets this weekend.

Spider-Man premiered in Japan June 23 and rolls out in Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, India, Hong Kong and other Asian markets, including Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam, on June 28-30.

With the Madagascar sequel holding the No. 1 spot in 30 countries, it grossed $30 million internationally in the last round, an amount that could be beaten by the new Spider-Man.

The reboot of the superhero adventure, starring Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) and Emma Stone (The Help), will open worldwide the following week, July 3-6, when it is expected to be a hit around the world.

The buzz began in Manhattan with Mayor Bloomberg declaring it Spider-Man Week in New York City, but this weekend cinemas in North America will look for Magic Mike, Steven Soderbergh’s male stripper film starring Channing Tatum, to try stealing the show from the animated Brave.

Mike looks poised to win, grabbing 53% of ticket sales, according to Fandango, the online movie retailer. But families could help keep Brave at No. 1, according to