Apple's new iPad ©Apple

(Relaxnews) – Apple unveiled the highly anticipated next gen iPad at an event on March 7, sparking a massive online reaction and sending a TV advert for Apple’s latest product viral.The TV ad for the next-gen iPad looks likely to be a viral hit, gaining well over 100,000 views in 18 hours after it was uploaded to YouTube by Apple.

The video has since been duplicated and reposted by numerous other YouTube users and these versions have also attracted viewers in their tens of thousands.

It is likely that the official number of viewers may be even higher due to YouTube’s policy of pausing the view counter on breakout videos until such time as they are able to give an accurate figure.

The official TV advert for Apple’s next-gen iPad has also been featured on numerous influential tech blogs such as and Unsurprisingly the video for the new iPad focuses heavily on the quality of images displayed on the new iPad thanks to the device’s ‘retina display’.

While video previews or adverts of Apple products are always popular online, rival smartphone manufacturer Samsung managed to score a viral video hit by mocking the alleged devotion of some Apple fans in its November 2011 advert “The Next Big Thing” which got over 500,000 views in a month.

Apple’s new iPad, which features a five-megapixel camera, a faster processor and high-definition video recording, will hit the shelves in Canada, France, Germany and the USA on March 16 priced around $499.

The TV advert for the new iPad can be watched on YouTube at: