Get your claws into the comedy tale of Tom Brand who is turned into a cat and has one week to make things right with his family in “Nine Lives.”

With "Nine Lives," director Barry Sonnenfeld will have had cameos in nine of his own films © EuropaCorp

With “Nine Lives,” director Barry Sonnenfeld will have had cameos in nine of his own films
© EuropaCorp

– Who’s in it and what’s it about? –

Kevin Spacey plays famous business magnate Tom Brand, who’s built his empire on hard work, long hours and, in the view of pet shop owner Felix, too much time away from the people that need him most — his family.

So, as he reluctantly purchases a cat for his 11-year-old daughter’s birthday, Felix (Christopher Walken) sees to it that Brand is transformed into the fluffy gift (and now grumpy) itself, Mr. Fluffypants.

He’s got a week to reconnect with them — albeit as a cat — and he’s got to do it properly, no faking.

Jennifer Garner of “Alias” and “Mother’s Day” co-stars as Tom’s wife, with Malina Weissman (the younger version of April O’Neil in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and a younger Supergirl in the current CW series) as daughter Rebecca, Robbie Amell (“The Flash”) his son, and Cheryl Hines (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”) as a family friend.

Both Spacey and Walken have won Oscars for their serious, dramatic work, but this is the first time they appear in a comedy together.

– Who’s behind it? –

It’s the director of the three “Men in Black” movies who’s helming “Nine Lives,” Barry Sonnenfeld having accepted an Emmy and Directors Guild award for an episode of “Pushing Daisies” (and, perhaps less famously, a Razzie for “Wild Wild West.”) Two of the script’s five writers worked together previously, on seasonal comedy “Four Christmases” (Reese Witherspoon, Vince Vaughn) and biopic “Soul Surfer.”

– When’s it out? –

This being produced by French studio EuropaCorp, the worldwide release of “Nine Lives” starts in France on August 3, spreading to North America and South East Asia with August 5 dates for the USA, Canada and Singapore.

A staggered schedule over the following weeks and months includes the UK from August 17, Brazil from September 8, Hong Kong from September 15, and Germany from November 17.

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